Feb. 28th, 2017

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Go to a job search site.
Search jobs.
Find one you're interested in.
Click the 'Apply' button.
You get taken to a company website.
You are guided through an account creation process.
You are told that if you upload a resume or give the site access to LinkedIn, etc. it will populate the application and make things easy-peasy.
Upload your resume.
Click submit.
Realize that the stupid website has NOT used your resume data to populate the application, or it has and it's put the data in the wrong places.
Fill out application with correct data.
Click 'submit.'
Be invited to submit voluntary data re age, sex, ethnicity, disability status and veteran status.
Choose 'decline.'
New popup window appears asking for your name and SSN to confirm your declination.
Get pissed off that this site is asking for your SSN and close the browser.
Wonder if your application was still submitted?
Wonder if you really fucking care at all?
Consider getting drunk at 1:30 in the morning.
Decide to vent on Dreamwidth.
Realize you really want a glass of water.


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