Mar. 21st, 2017

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So, normally I post stuff on my FB page about work and stuff, but I don't feel comfy doing that since the owner/manager of the New Store is on my FB flist. So I guess I'll be using DW to vent.
I've been training at the New Store for three days. The people training me are nice, but the training is fucking haphazard. I just found out today that I can use the trainee login on the POS to ring people up. So I signed in and was ringing people up and I got a guy with a credit card. I'm trying to find the cc ap and the guy's getting antzy so I pass it off to Mike, who would rather talk on the cellphone than help the guy in front of him. Oy vey.
And then the guy who was working this morning, on Tuesday, the day we prep for New Comic Wednesday, promises some guy that we'll playtest about a dozen retrogames and have an estimate waiting for him that evening.
It happened, but Leroy should never have promised the guy same day service. That's not the way it works.
There's other shit, like I'm not getting copied in on the schedule, even though I'm in the super-secret FB group. So I have no idea when the fuck I'm working next week.
My Old Shop keeps saying they'll hire me back in a couple of months.
I'm hoping they aren't just fucking around with me.
At this point? I'd be willing to go back to work over there for minimum wage.


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