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Hurrican Irma is sabotaging my attempts to eat healthy.
Everyone here is spazzing out because of Harvey and remembering the floods from 2015. All the bottled water has been sold in my local grocery store. Most of the bread's gone too.
No big loss there. I don't really eat bread.
But, with inclement weather on the way, and the possibility of losing power, I went out today and bought supplies. A few cans of ravioli, a box of crackers and a big jar of peanut butter. Also three packs of hot dogs.
That should be enough to get me through any bad weather we have coming up next week.
If not? Eh. I'll cope.
Just had a salad with some spinach greens that were a little wilted. I'm regretting it now. As is my toilet. Thank God for Diet Coke, to soothe the savaged belly.
Also, I am looking after my boss's dog this weekend. Yeah, that's gonna be fun. :/
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I just left the house at 9:00 PM to go hunt for supper. I went to the grocery store and grabbed a couple of cans of chunk white chicken breast, some sour cream and a pack of hot dogs. Came home and mixed the chicken and sour cream together, seasoned to taste, and am currently eating as I type this. I've also got a big bag of spinach in the fridge that I'll probably nibble on later, if I get peckish. I'm trying to save the hot dogs for tomorrow, but, again, if I get hungry, I'll eat 'em.
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Its my fourth day back on the diet and I've already lost a ton of water weight. I did really well on Day 2 but Day 3 was problematic. I hang out with friends on Sundays and there's usually food and soda involved. Yesterday we went out and had pizza. It was cool and all, but I think I should have just gotten a salad or something.
Anyway, I'm not hungry today. All I've had so far is a can of fruit cocktail.
I'll try to update later today after I've had supper.
Oh! And Happy Labor Day.
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This past August I chose to jump off my diet bandwagon and just indulge myself for the last of the summer. I ate anything and everything that I wanted. Restraint became a dirty word.
Now, with September freshly arrived, my little food sojourn has ended and, once again, I have entered the realms of Dietland.
Today has not been bad. Mainly because yesterday I ate everything in my house that was bad for me and am still regretting it.
I'm currently fixing supper: turkey sausage, a can of spinach, a can of tomatoes w/lime and chillis. It's all simmering in a big skillet. In about a minute, I'm going to remove it from the heat and let it rest. Then I'm plating it, in a bowl, and eating it with a big dollop of sour cream.
For desert, there will be blueberries.
I figure this is about 1100 calories altogether. I know that doesn't sound like much, but bear in mind that I'm currently at a caloric surplus from yesterday.
Anyway, back on the bandwagon.
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As I lay in bed, laptop propped on my knees, typing this, I have a bag of potato chips and a 2-litre soda waiting to be consumed.
No, this is a not a 'Cheat Day.'
This is a 'Choice Day.' I choose to eat some carbs because I haven't been getting enough calories on a daily basis. I'm tired of being tired and wooly headed.
I should point out that, no, I am not starving myself. It's just, I've only been eating when I'm hungry so for the last couple of days I've had, maybe, a max of 900 to 1100 calories a day.
That's not enough to really keep me going at peak performance.
So, I'm eating junk calories and, so far, I feel fine.
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Last night I ate all the food in my house.
Well, not all.
But most!
And I felt bloody great. My lethargy was gone. I went to bed feeling satisfied and woke up this morning feeling back to normal.
So, definitely have to get more calories into my diet.

WOE is Me

Jul. 26th, 2017 05:55 pm
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Since my last post I've been checking my blood pressure at the pharmacy down the road. I thought it might be the cause of the general lethargy I've been experiencing the last few days.
Turns out, though, my blood pressure isn't high outside of a doctor's office. I'm a bit hypertensive, but I don't have HBP. So, that's good.
So why am I feeling so tired? I sat down and thought things through. The biggest change in my life right now has been my eating. So I looked at that and realized that, for the last few days, I've only been eating between 900 and 1200 calories a day. That's about 600 cals less than I think I need to continue losing weight while staying healthy.
So, I'm going to have to eat more calories, which is going to be a challenge. I'll have to tweak my WOE (Way of Eating), so I can better achieve my caloric goals.
With food in mind, today I found an ice cream that isn't off the menu. Gasp! I'm really looking forward to have it after supper. Plus, it should push me out of my calorie deficit.
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So, last week I was waking up light-headed and a bit dizzy. I mentioned it to a friend who said it sounded like low-blood pressure. There's even a name for it, postural hypotension. Well, I decided to get my blood pressure checked so I went to the clinic down the road.
I don't like going to the doctor. Honestly, I don't trust most doctors to wipe their own asses. Most seem more interested in selling pills to treat symptoms than determining the underlying cause of the disorder. If I could find a homeopathic doctor in the area who didn't cost a fortune, I'd go to them in a heart beat.
Anyway, I went to the clinic and had my blood pressure checked and was surprised to discover that it was high. Now, high blood pressure runs in my family, but mostly in the women. It's atypical in the men. The clinic checked their records and determined the last time I was there, back in '15, my blood pressure was high as well. Not as high as it was then, but above the average.
So, I went home, considering my options. Since July 4th, I'd been off keto. I'd been eating a lot of crap and I'd noticed changes in my body. I could tell I'd gained weight, I was more gassy, my sleep wasn't as good and in the morning, when I woke up and got out of bed, I'd be light-headed.
So, I went back on keto. Hardcore. I kept to under 20g of fat per day. I felt better. Not back 100% but better than before. When I woke up in the morning, the light-headedness was gone. After a few days, my belt was loose again and I was sleeping like a babe. But I still didn't feel like my old self. Also, continuing hardcore keto just didn't feel right any more.
So, today, I decided to adjust my way of eating. I'm not keto any more. I'm doing a low-carb/low-fat diet. I'm not setting a daily limit on either, since I figure finding stuff to eat that fits my requirements will probably limit my choices anyway.
I just got back from the grocery store where I spent an hour and a half wandering the aisles, looking at nutrition labels. I came home with an interesting bag of grocery: a loaf of whole wheat bread, a jar of sugar-free grape jam, a container of pimento cheese, a pack of turkey hotdogs, a can of hot dog chilli, a bunch of grapes, a banana and a bottle of flavored sparkling water.
I should note the bread is atypical for me, as I'm not a big sandwich eater, but I wanted to try that sugar-free jam. Also, I figured I'd make turkey dogs and then have some pimento cheese sandwiches.
Some of my food choices on keto are no longer available to me. I used to eat kielbasa/sausage daily, but it's too fatty now. It looks like I'll be limiting myself to turkey, chicken, fish and some pork. However, I can still eat pork skins, surprisingly enough, and now I've got a broader selection of veggies available to me. I still can't do beans, aside from green beans, but now I can have yellow corn if I want. Potatoes, though, are still off the menu; too many carbs.
Also, I have the weirdest desire to try artichoke hearts and cottage cheese. Not together. Seperately. I've never had them before.
Anyway, I just wanted to document my choice here. I'll probably natter on a bit more about food and this new WOE I'm trying in future updates. Hope I don't bore anyone too much.
More later! - MEL

Food stuff

Jun. 29th, 2017 04:03 pm
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Hmm. I'm having to adjust my diet. Again. My acid reflux has been triggering a lot lately and I'm not sure why. It could be the dairy, although I've never had a sensitivity to it before? But your body does weird things as you get older. *sigh*
So, not doing a strictly keto diet. Still low-carb, but not under 20g a day. At the moment, this is what my macros look like: Protein 125g, Fat 65g, Carbs 33g.
I think I may have to cut out the dairy from my diet. If so, the only thing I'll really miss is sour cream. *sigh*
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Today started off slowly. I woke up, dinked around on the computer for a while, then took a shower and left the house. I got a haircut and the oil in my car changed, then I went and saw The Mummy.
That's where my day started to go a bit lopsided.
I stopped by the concession stand, intending to get a bottle of water or something, but wound up buying a small Cherry Coke. As in movie-small, which means it was a small tub of soda. *sigh* So much for keeping it under 40 carbs. :/
Then, the movie started thirty minutes late because of technical issues. Eventually, it did start and we did get to see it in its entirety. It wasn't a bad movie, but it was deeply flawed. Not scary at all or, really, very exciting. I'd give it 2/5; wait for it come out on Netflix or On-Demand.
After that, I went by my grocery store to get supper and discovered they are switching up a lot of their brands. A lot of the brands I like to buy have disappeared from the shelves, replaced by more expensive and less Keto-friendly products. I'm a bit miffed about that and am thinking I may have to start shopping at another store. Maybe even (God help me) Wal-Mart.
So, home now, where I have eaten some sausage links with a little green salad. I smothered that salad in ranch dressing and added fried porkskin as faux crutons, then added a couple of hard-boiled eggs. It was a good supper, but I can tell that the caffeine and carbs from this afternoon are having an effect.
I'm craving carbs and sugar. I want to go out and buy a big bag of red seedless grapes and just devour them all. I want to get a two-liter Cherry Coke and suck that baby dry. I want a frosted honey bun.
I don't have any of that, though. What I've got are some peanuts and a cup of chicken flavored bullion broth. That'll just have to do.
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Today, I decided to take my old laptop to the computer store. I told the guy the problems I had with it and he said it sounded like my hard drive went bad. They're doing a free diagnostic. If it is the hard drive, then I made the right choice getting the new computer. Parts and labor to replace the old one would have run about $300.
In other news, I just got back from the store, shopping for supper. I shop for supper ever night because I don't keep food in my house.
Tonight, I have decided to treat myself. I'm having a nice spinach/early spring mix salad sprinkled with cheddar cheese and generously topped with ranch dressing. Along with it, I'm having a slice of pickle, and some cold canned salmon, cause it's just too hot to cook. I am debating if I want to add butter and pepper to the salmon. I remain undecided. For desert, I have a bowl of blueberries sprinkled with a tablespoon of sugar, chilling in the refrigerator. And for a snack, later on, a bag of pork skins. Which may, or may not, be added to the salad as crouton substitutes.
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I feel today has been a productive day for yours truly. I got up early, paid some bills which crept up on me, went to the movies, did some shopping and am now at home doing laundry.
Supper tonight will be sausage sautéed in butter with green beans, sweet peppers, diced tomatoes and a little bit of lime. It will be seasoned to taste with chili powder and pepper. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.
Also, there will be writing.
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So, I've been on the keto diet for about two months and 90% of it has been great. I've lost some weight, my skin looks AMAZEBALLS and I'm not hungry.
But in the last week or so I've noticed some disturbing things. Mainly, I seem to be developing food sensitivities. The other day for lunch I grabbed a bag of cashews like I've done plenty of times in the past. But when I ate them this time, I got a stomach ache. The same thing happened on a Carb Day when I had a small bag of potato chips.
I've done some reading and discovered this is fairly common. After a while, the critters in your gut that help you digest food adapt to the new diet. They become less adept at breaking down complex carbohydrates, resulting in tummy problems.
This isn't really something I want to have to deal with, so I'm thinking I'll move from a keto diet to a more paleo type diet. Slowly introduce more vegetables and fruit into my diet and just avoid processed sugars.
I know I can't just gobble a lot of carbs all in one go, so I'll have to introduce them slowly. Start off at 25g or so a day and slowly raise it back to a better level. I'm also going to start taking probiotics and see if that will help get things back to normal.
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AM Feeling: Okay. Tired but that's cause I got up super-early. Not food-related.
Breakfast: Strawberries (Yum!)
Lunch: 2 Pork Egg Rolls; sliced oven-roased chicken
Supper: TBA
Snacks: TBA

I'm thinking of carbing up today. I figure I had about 08g of carbs from the strawberries and a bit more from the eggrolls. Honestly? I kind of want a Krispy Kreme donut. Still debating on what I want.
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AM Feeling: Tired. Restless. Not sure it's food related. Maybe lack of calories?
Breakfast: 1 can Vienna Sausage
Lunch: Veggie-Chips
Supper: 2 avocados w/sour cream and a Polska Kielbasa
Misc. Snacks: 1 Boiled Egg

I am NEVER making bacon again. Too messy and just . . . gross. Also, after cleaning up and going upstairs for a while, when I came back downstairs I found an R-O-A-C-H on my stovetop. Drawn to the smell of bacon, I suspect. Too fucking gross.
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So, the other night I ate a lot of carbs before going to bed and woke up feeling sort of crappy. Last night, I ate a lot of protein and fat before going to bed and woke up today feeling mostly okay, a little sluggish.
I think I'm going to have to start keeping this food blog again, just to track how my body is reacting to different stuff.
Prepare to get bored. LOL.

AM Feeling: Okay. A little sluggish.
Breakfast: Cashew Halves & Pieces
Lunch: Chicken Salad
Supper: Bacon, Spinach
Misc Snacks: A boiled egg, An avocado

Update: I am definitely NOT a bacon eater. Came home and cooked some up on the stovetop and couldn't get through it. It was just . . . gross. Waiting to see if I get hungry later, 'cause if I do then I'm gonna have to go find something to eat.
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I had some smoked turkey for lunch today and it just hit the spot. Then I went by the store and bought a couple of cans of salmon, a pack of strawberries and a couple of avocados. I didn't eat the salmon, but I finished off the strawberries and had a couple of spoonfuls of peanut butter and sour cream.
I know. Weird.
But I'm not really hungry.
I'll probably wake up around two in the morning, starving, but that's okay
I've got canned salmon waiting to go.
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So, I started June thinking I was going to keep a food blog to track my macros. That didn't last past the second day of the month. It was just too damned inconvenient. Also, I've been doing pretty damn good not tracking macros and just listening to my body.
Last night, I went home and had some sour cream egg salad for dinner with a couple of slices of Polska Kielbasa and an avocado for desert. I wasn't really hungry but I wanted to get some calories down otherwise I knew I'd be starving by midnight and just go food crazy.
I sort of wish I hadn't eaten that egg salad last night.
Woke up this morning feeling bloated and heavy. I think I need some more carbs in my diet, so I have declared today a Carb Day and I just ate a Milky Way. We shall have to see how things progress from this point.


May. 19th, 2016 12:29 pm
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Ugh. I just had a can of Strawberry Soda. That's the first can of soda I've had in over a month. It had 50g of carbs, all sugar, and I can honestly say that I don't miss drinking regular soda. Now I'm dying for a bottle of water.


Apr. 29th, 2016 07:41 pm
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Just a quick warning to everyone out there.
I am going to bore the fuck out of all of you with daily food blogs.
It's the only way I know for sure to keep track of what I eat.
Not sorry?
So, today:
Breakfast = N/A
Lunch = 2 Cans of Vienna Sausage
Supper = 1 Polska Kielbasa, 1 Can of Suckatash

And that's it, so far today.
I'm kind of thinking I'm eating way too much protein, but I figured out how much I need and I think I'm okay. Maybe? I dunno.
Also, later tonight, I may eat a can of unpeeled apricots w/no sugar added.
If I do, I'll update.

And that's it for today.
My life is so fucking exciting. :I


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