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When you write a crossover fic like Fringes:One of Those Days, cannon takes a beating.  The fic is set roughly in the first season of Fringe, before the discovery of the other universe and before Peter and Olivia began their relationship.  That explains why Peter is so flirty with Uhura.
Uhura, as noted above, is from Star Trek: The Original Series.  Not NuTrek.  How did she become one of the Doctor's companions? Her backstory is sort of tragic. When the Star Trek timeline was jiggered by Nero & Spock, the F:OTD Uhura was shook loose from time and discovered by the Doctor.  She is basically a living, breathing paradox.
Tony Newman's history is just as tragic. At the end of The Time Tunnel, Newman and his friend, Doug Phillips, were stranded on the S.S. Titanic, at the same time and place of their first jaunt using the Time Tunnel.  The two became trapped in a closed temporal loop.  Trapped on the doomed ship, untouched by time, Newman spent forty years subjectively working out complex multidimensional equations in his head to find a way out.  His efforts attracted the attention of the Doctor who rescued him. The fate of Doug Phillips remains unknown, but Tony is a bit 'fragile' in F:OTD, suffering from bouts of severe agoraphobia.  I imagine he's not too fond of cruises either.
UNIT, in F:OTD, has become the dominant international organization responding to extragovernmental threats and general wierdness. As such they have absorbed a number of other organizations into themselves, including U.N.C.L.E.  This explains how Napoleon Solo is working for UNIT as head of their North American Division.
Speaking of Napoleon Solo, in F:OTD, he is older and more battered.  His history is also a bit more colorful, as he and the Doctor know each other and seem to have a cordial relationship of sorts.
I took the biggest liberties, I feel, with Professor Arturo.  In Sliders, Arturo becomes one of the quartet of adventurers wandering from one parallel Earth to another.  In F:OTD, that didn't happen. In his unrevealed backstory, our Arturo investigated the disappearance of Quinn Malory and discovered Malory's notes on sliding.  When Malory never reappeared, Arturo took the notes and cobbled together his machine, trying to access other dimensions.  Unfortunately, things went a bit pear-shaped for the professor.
Which leads us to the question of the breach.  Was it a result of Arturo not quite understanding Malory's notes? Or, was it caused by some outside influence? The Other Universe, perhaps, from Fringe?  Maybe the Kromaggs from Sliders were involved? Could it have been one of the Doctor's enemies?  Perhaps it was the chaos-mage, Ethan Raynes, working under the auspices of the Black Guardian? Perhaps the Lovecraftian horrors from the Dungeon Dimensions were trying to break out?
The world may never know.
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Olivia Dunham wasn't sure what to make of the strange man who had arrived at the scene of the latest incident. His credentials were impeccable, although not even Broyles had been able to ferret out any details regarding his background. She wasn't surprised; she'd heard odd things about UNIT even before she joined the Fringe Division. They were a closemouthed group, operating under the umbrella of the United Nations Security Council, but no one was quite certain what they did. That alone said a lot about this peculiar Doctor John Smith.
"I'm UNIT's scientific adviser," he'd said, in reply to Olivia's oblique queries. Then he had flashed her an enormous smile and proffered a bag of treats. "Care for a jelly baby?"
Of course, the Doctor and Walter got along like a house on fire. Both men were eccentric and both were, Olivia was convinced, geniuses. She'd walked into the lab and found them sipping milkshakes over the desiccated corpse.
"Agent Dunham!" enthused the Doctor. He flashed that enormous grin at her. "You'll be pleased to know this incident isn't a Fringe incident!"
Olivia eyed the corpse. "Really?"
"Oh yes," said the Doctor. "I'm quite certain." He gestured at the remains. "This is something quite different."
"Really?" Olivia deadpanned. "If this isn't a fringe incident, Doctor, then what is it?"
"Isn't it obvious?" said the Doctor. His wide smile lost some of its clownish sparkle, becoming something a little more feral.
Olivia felt a headache coming on. "Doctor, if you could. . . ."
Walter spoke, with a gleam in his eye. "It's an alien, Olivia."
She fought the urge to sigh. It was going to be one of those days.

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I went back and decided to combine all the chapters of Fringes: One of Those Days into one easy-peasy post.  That will be the next thing that I post.  I figure it'll be more convenient for people who want to actually read the thing. :)
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Been a while, but I thought I'd take a stab at finishing this. Enjoy!

Fringes: One of Those Days - Part 10 )
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Fringes: One of Those Days - Part 9 )

Author's Note: So, fandom elements involved so far: Fringe, Doctor Who, Star Trek: TOS, The Time Tunnel, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and Men In Black. Who will be drawn in next? Tune in later, and find out! :P
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Fringes: One of Those Days - Part 4 )

Author's Note: I have NO idea where this is going....
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Exorcising some bunnies haunting the halls of my skull! Be afraid! Be very, very afraid!

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