May. 2nd, 2014 12:22 am
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Tonight, I realized that I have been in my new home for six months.
Six months and this house still doesn't feel like it's mine.
Six months and all I can think is that I've got a shrunken bank account and no sense of personal satisfaction.
Six months of accumulating debts and headaches and the secret fear that buying this place was a hideous mistake and that I should put it back on the market and sell it as quickly as possible.
Six months of this and I don't know if I can stand another six months of this bullshit.
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I woke up this morning, expecting my contractors to arrive and, so far, they've been a no show. I'm not surprised. The other night I learned that their store/warehouse had been broken into and it had thrown them off-schedule. Poor guys.
Still, I expect they'll make it over eventually. All they're doing is some last-minute plumbing,putting up my new cabinet doors and cleaning up their mess.
And I just got off the phone with my painter who tells me that the contractor called him last night to tell him there would be another delay.
Oy vey.
Well, at least I'll be getting my mattress today, so I can start moving my stuff back into the master bedroom. Knock wood.
More later! - MEL
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So, I came home from work the other night and had a little meltdown.
It wasn't work related. Work has been fine. I like my job.
No, what triggered the meltdown was my garbage can. It was jammed with all sorts of crap that wasn't mine. It was the painter's. And I'd just put a new bag in the day before.
I know. I know. Why on Earth did that trigger my little meltdown? I think its because for the last three months I've been living in limbo, watching my bank account drop every couple of weeks and generally experiencing flashes of, not buyer's remorse, but something akin to it.
I've gotten into the habit, lately, of screaming in the car on the Interstate as a way of relieving stress. And, yes, I know that sounds crazy but it sort of works.
At least for me.
The house should be finished by the end of the month. This Monday I get new carpet put in upstairs. Wednesday, my furniture and window treatments arrive.
Oh! And just when all that gets done, I'll probably hear from this job I interviewed for in New Mexico. I had the interview this past Friday and it was one of the shortest goddamn interviews I have ever had. So either they loved me and had made up their minds to hire me before hand or, more likely, it was just a formality to appease HR and they're going with someone local.
I think it's the second.
I'm still thinking of selling the place. In my heart of hearts, I'm more of a renter than a home owner. Shit breaks down and I just want to call the landlord to fix it. I am not, after all, overly domestic.
And, well, that's my life lately.
More later. - MEL
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So, I'm a home owner again.
Or, rather, a condo owner.
I got a good deal. A 2 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath townhouse condo, about 1400 square feet for under 30K.
There are, of course, some issues. I need to replace the HVAC system.
And the carpet.
And repaint the walls.
Oh! And the appliances that came with it all need servicing. I have no idea what's going on with the dish washer.
So, yeah.
Newish home.
Needs some TLC but it's all mine.


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