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I'm a bit miffed.
I've been renting a room in a private home for over a year. A couple of months ago the landlords announced their plans to move back to their native Chicago. They purchased a house there, put this one on the market and shipped all their worldly goods up north. Then went up for two weeks to hit the job trail. They had no luck so came back down South to work at their jobs until they could find stuff up North.
A few weeks ago the Misses got a job and moved back up to Chicago, taking the kids and the family dog with them. The hubby stayed behind, until he could line up a job of his own. About two weeks ago the hubby got a job.
Now, all this time, the landlords have been telling me slightly different stories of their plans for the house. Basically, it's on the market, they're trying to do a short-sell (which isn't going to happen IMHO) but until then they wanted me to rent out rooms for them. I was fine with that.
Then, yesterday, the landlord announces that the plan has changed. On November 1st, they're going to list the house as a rental through their realtor. The other renter is leaving at the end of October so it'd be just me. The landlord was like, "You can stay until we rent the house out and then we'll give you written 30 days notice."
You bet your ass you will, I wanted to say.
So, I'm miffed. They changed their plans on me with no real warning. And I can't begrudge them for wanting to go the rental route, although it's a 180 from what they had originally told me they were going to do. I mean, I would have rented the house out months ago.
So, anyway, I'm sick of being in limbo with this house situation, so I hit Craigslist last night and found somebody renting a room in my area. We're supposed to get together some time this Friday, I'm just waiting on the guy to call me back with a place and time. If the place is decent and the owner isn't a psycho, I'll probably take it. It'd be great if I could give notice on the 15th, then the landlords could just prorate the rent for half of October and we're done. I'd be in a new place and could get on with my life.
Oh. And the manager at my comic shop gave his notice last week. I'm not sure, but the rumor is that the shop is getting out of new comics and just going to deal in back issues. Ugh. If that happens, I don't think I'll stay. The past holds no allure for me.
Meanwhile, I'm still looking for a house of my own.
And that's my life.
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Holy shit. Has it really been a month since my last post here? Good lord!
Well, let's see what's been going on.
The landlords both got jobs. Misses went to Chicago with the kids a couple of weeks ago and Mister is leaving next week. I am driving him to the airport. I am also going to be renting out rooms in the house as long as I'm here. How long that will be? I don't know.
Work has been good. I'm still enjoying working in the shop, although I need to get better shoes. My feet are killing me. Some people have recommended I get some NewBalance shoes, while others pimp Birkenstocks. Any opinions? Hit me up in comments.
Writing? Eh. It hasn't really been happening. I like to say it's job exhaustion but the fact is I've written a lot of false starts and none of them have gone anywhere. Still, I'm plugging away.
Speaking of the job, I'm going to be giving a talk on comics and literacy at a local library later this month. It's an all ages talk, and I need to check with the librarian handling the matter, but I'm quite looking forward to doing it. That said, if anyone has any ideas re this subject I'm more than open to suggestions.
Househunting continues to be frustrating. I have expanded my search to include condos and townhouses, but, so far, no luck. The market here is really sucky, at least in my price range.
So, there we have it. A month caught up in less than five minutes. Now I"m going to hit the flist and catch up with what everyone else has been up to. - xoxo Mel
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So, it's been a while.
What have I been up to?
And let me tell you, the domiciles of today are a damn sight more tricky than the ones of my youth! They camouflage crappy interiors with lovely exteriors(like politicians or Lindsey Lohan). They lure you in with the promise of a sun porch that turns out to be a 2x2 wooden stoop overlooking a backyard that is part quicksand and part Amazonian jungle.
But I persevere.
Today, I investigated two homes.
The first is older, built in 1958 and the interior reflects this in layout and design. The decor, however, is right out of the late 60's/early 70's. Dark wood paneling everywhere and a tile floor that looks like something from a hemmorhaging pinata. Its yard, however, was small and sandy and I could see the potential for a Zen rock garden out front.
The second house was flashier, newer. Built in '69, it was a trilevel with bedrooms upstairs, kitchen and dining on the main level and family room/Satanic ritual space on the lower level. It has a HUGE yard (Which is actually a turn off for me cause I ain't no size queen!) and there's at least one tree fallen across a backyard fence.
While I was there, three other people showed up to take a look at the place, so it's hot.
Too hot for my tastes.
I'd rather take a second look at the house from the 1950s.
You can paint wood panels, can't you?


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