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So, I'm sort of employed.
The other week the owner of the comic shop down the road PMs me on Facebook. He wanted to get together for drinks or something.
So I said, "Sure!" and we met at Red Robins.
We talked for a little while and he asked if I'd still be interested in working for the shop. I said, "Sure." So, I've been doing a paid internship there the last week and this week too.
Owner's already told me I'm going to get hired. When I'm put on payroll, I'll be working full time. Which, unfortunately, means I won't be able to help out at my old shop as much.
I've been filling in on weekends there, when the new owner is out of town at conventions and stuff.
I'm still locked in for a week in April, but after that? I can't make any promises.
The New Shop is very different from my Old Shop. They have a POS system, which, IMHO, stands for 'Piece of Shit.' Not a fan.
They bag and board EVERYTHING in the store. Part of this is because their sister store is a smoke shop. But I think they need to leave a browser copy out among the week's new releases. People aren't going to branch out and try new stuff if they can't sample it.
There's a lot of retrograme stuff in the store. Ugh. I hate video games and know dick about them.
Their collectibles are kind of 'meh.'
They sell boardgames and t-shirts and movies.
There are less than 100 graphic novels in the entire store.
The store is small.
On the upside, the people are nice. I've seen a lot of familiar faces at the store from my Old Shop. The boss is pretty cool. People who shop there seem to genuinely like the place.
It's just different.
And different is scary.
But I'm pretty sure I can make a go of it. :)
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Go to a job search site.
Search jobs.
Find one you're interested in.
Click the 'Apply' button.
You get taken to a company website.
You are guided through an account creation process.
You are told that if you upload a resume or give the site access to LinkedIn, etc. it will populate the application and make things easy-peasy.
Upload your resume.
Click submit.
Realize that the stupid website has NOT used your resume data to populate the application, or it has and it's put the data in the wrong places.
Fill out application with correct data.
Click 'submit.'
Be invited to submit voluntary data re age, sex, ethnicity, disability status and veteran status.
Choose 'decline.'
New popup window appears asking for your name and SSN to confirm your declination.
Get pissed off that this site is asking for your SSN and close the browser.
Wonder if your application was still submitted?
Wonder if you really fucking care at all?
Consider getting drunk at 1:30 in the morning.
Decide to vent on Dreamwidth.
Realize you really want a glass of water.

Job status

Feb. 18th, 2017 04:24 pm
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Well, it's been an interesting week here, gentle readers.
Last Sunday I was hired at Motel 6 for a front desk position working the night shift. The hours were good and the money didn't seem bad.
Until I got there and realized just how much gatekeeping a person was expected to do. For the cash they were paying it was entirely too much.
So I said goodbye to Motel 6, which I'm not too upset about. A friend of mine put it best: "You're just too old to deal with bullshit jobs that you don't want."
He nailed it in one.
Anyway, since I walked away from a paying gig, I won't be getting any more unemployment which is a relief because, really? I only want to work about four days a week anyway.
The guy who bought my old job is hiring me to cover the shop while he goes out of town on weekends, to shows and such. So this coming weekend I'll get two days pay and then another day's pay the week after that and then a few more weekends in March and possibly a week in April.
So, it's not like I'm going to starve.
And one of the guys who opened a new shop on the other side of town has made overtures to me, that he might be interested in hiring me during the week. Alternately, if I was interested in buying into the shop, I could do that too.
So, stuff is happening. Forward motion is maintained.
What more can you ask for? Right?
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Nutty days.
I had a face-to-face interview on Monday and a phone interview that afternoon.
Today I had another face-to-face interview and tomorrow I have another.
On top of all that my friend, Gina, hired me to do some office stuff for her once a week.
So, things are cool.
Hope to hear something soon from someone.
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It's been an interesting day.
I had an interview this morning with the Salvation Army. It went well, I think. They have two positions open. One in the front, behind the register, and on in the back, as a donations clerk. I could work either, but the manager said she's probably put me out front 'cause I seem to be a 'people person.' Heh!
Then, I had a phone interview at one with a company called Novitex. They do document outsourcing. I think I applied to them through LinkedIn. The interview was basically me reiterating stuff I already said on my application. They said they'd let me know in about five to seven days.
And then my friend, Gina, who I game with called me. She does circus arts (facepainting, acrobalance, etc), and offered me a job handling e-mail and PR for her outfit. It would be a one-day a week thing, but one day a week is better than nothing.
I'm also waiting to hear from the bank I applied at. They said they would probably let me know if I was moving on to the next phase today or tomorrow. If I don't hear from them by tomorrow, I'm going to call the Salvation Army back and tell them to go ahead with processing my application.
'Caus Daddy needs a job!
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Job hunting sucks.
Today, I did callbacks, checking in with the businesses I've submitted resumes to over the last few weeks.
I don't think it's a practice I'm going to continue.
The responses I inevitably got were (A)"Hiring decisions are made at corporate." or (B)"We'll contact you when we make a determination."
It's frustrating and it just makes me want to shout, so I'm not going to do it any more.
On a positive note, I had a meeting with a regional hiring manager at a bank this past Monday. This is my second face-to-face interview for a teller position, so *fingers crossed* that I get it.
And my unemployment started to pay out this week, as well.
So, that's something. Right?
Now, if only I can get a job!


Jan. 11th, 2017 11:27 pm
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The other day I registered with a local temp service. I met the recruiter and we had a pleasant conversation. At the end of the meeting, she said she had a job she thought I'd be a good choice for, with a State Agency. She was going to email me the details and put me on the contractor's call list.
Well, I never got the email. This afternoon, the recruiter did contact me, but when he called I was in the middle of traffic, so I asked if he could call me back in ten minutes. That way I could park my car and focus on the interview.
The guy never called back.
I still haven't heard from the temp service, which just pisses me off.
Honestly, the more time I spend, dealing with recruiters and hiring managers, the lower my personal estimation of the human race becomes.

Job Hunt

Jan. 11th, 2017 12:37 pm
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I've been hunting for a job the past week or so and it is, to be honest, a brutal endevor. It's been four years since I last threw my hat into the job hunting ring and I'd forgotten just how awful job hunting could be. I feel like I've walked into a lion's den while wearing a hat made of raw meat.
In the last week I've applied for twelve positions. They're a mix of retail and clerical jobs. I've also applied for unemployment, which is just personally galling.
I'm hoping I can find something soon, because I really don't want to have to be on unemployment. It feels demeaning.
But I'm hopeful something will open up for me soon.
*fingers crossed*
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Hunting for a job sucks balls.
And not in the fun way.
Over the last few days, I've put in for unemployment (which is a big fat pain in the ass), registered with a temp agency and applied for so many jobs that my head is spinning.
And some of these job applications! I spent an hour and a half tonight going through an application process to work at a drug store.
A. Drug. Store.
It's madness!
At this point, I'm ready to open my own damn business.
It would probably be less stressful.
And, on top of all that, my birthday is coming up.
I'll be a year older.
I imagine that's going to make the job hunt even MORE fun!
Still, I'm trying to keep my spirits up.
If worse comes to worse, I'll apply for a job at (ugh!) Wal-Mart.
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D'oh! Apparently, I forgot to pay my Internet bill last month. I got it today and was like, "WTF, corporate bastards?!?" Then I went and doublechecked and, yeah, it's all on me. I must have moved the bill from the 'To Be Paid' stack to the 'Paid' stack by mistake.
Long story short? I'm suddenly about $200 in the hole.
Oy vey.
But, in other news, the job hunt goes well.
I had an interview with an insurance company about a week ago and took a computer assessment test online. I think I did okay, but I haven't heard from them and it's been over a week now. I'm giving them until this Monday and then, if I haven't heard from 'em, I'm going to take Job #2.
Job #2 is at another local comic shop that, to be honest, desperately needs some help. They've been open a couple of years and NO ONE KNOWS THEY'RE THERE. They bag and board all their stuff so no one can look at it. Also, they share space with a smoke shop.
The owner seems cool. Pretty down to earth. I think he just needs someone stable in the shop, someone who knows comics. I'd start off on the floor, learning their systems, then become the manager.
Which is sort of cool and kind of depressing at the same time.
I honestly don't know how to feel about that.
The insurance job pays more but I think I'd prefer to work at the comic place.
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Today has been a fucking rollercoaster.
Last week, I learned my local comic shop was closing. A day later, I got a call from a guy who was referred to me by the shop's manager. Jason was going to buy out the shop and wondered if I would be interested in managing it for him? I told him I would. He said he had to finalize some stuff with the owner, but he'd be in touch. The next day I got a text from him stating he was buying the shop and wanted to hire me full time. I told him I was on board. Tonight, Jason called me and said that after looking at the shop's numbers, he had decided to back out of the deal. He was very apologetic.
I'm . . . not in a good space right now.
I'm kind of mad and sort of upset and faintly nauseous.
After I got offered the job I went ahead and cancelled the phone interview I had set up with another prospective employer. I contacted them tonight and asked if it was possible to reschedule the interview or should I just resubmit my application from the beginning?
I'm hoping I can just reschedule the interview and continue along the road to meaningful employment. If not?
Well, if not, I think I might go out and punch someone in the face.
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Got an e-mail today from the fedjob I applied for last month, informing me that although qualified for the position, I was not 'best qualified' according to the self-assessment questionaire.  (Big shock. Half the assessment questions were about about draft procedures.)  So, my name will not be forward to the agency for consideration at this time, unless said agency requests additional names.
I can't say I'm shocked.
I knew as soon as I looked at the questionaire that the official job description was a bait-and-switch.  It was advertised as generic office work, but over half the questions on the assessment related to money matters that weren't even mentioned in the description. So they totally had someone lined up for the position, but had to go through the motions of posting for official reasons.
Looking at USAJobs again...there's a couple of possibles.  There's one for the Library of Congres that sounds interesting and something in NM.
Screw it.
I'll wait until Monday.
More later! - MEL
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So, my Local Comic Shop is looking for someone part-time and I think I'm going to drop off a resume tomorrow.
You know, I think I might actually have a shot at this. I mean, I know comics and I used to be a gamer so I could fake the RPG stuff. Ditto for the toys.
So, fingers crossed everybody!
More later. - MEL
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So, today was Tuesday, which means that I got to spend an hour and a half online, trolling jobsites looking for new career opportunities that don't totally suck.
Or, well, if not 'career opportunities', then at least a job that offers some income and, in an ideal world, coworkers who aren't completely nuts.
Afterwards, my soul shriveled like an old raisin, I wandered around the Internet and found some things to amuse me. Like a new preview vid for Avatar: The Legend of Korra, a photomashup espousing "What if London was like Venice?" and an upcoming novel by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden. :D
Refreshed, I sat down and finished a short story I've been working on called 'The Passing of the World.' This was interrupted by the arrival of fresh fish and the subsequent cleaning, frying and eating of said fish. But afterwards, brains fortified by fish, I finished the story and sent it off to a publisher.
I'm expecting a form rejection e-mail any day now!
Tomorrow, I'm off to the comic shop and maybe the movies. And then, most likely, Krispy Creme where I'm going to devour about a dozen hot donuts. Because everyone needs a goal.
More later. - MEL
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So, I've been applying for jobs with the fedgov. Today, I went and applied for a position in Florida. Its with Border Protection, which operates under Homeland Security, which is actually a con rather than a pro, but it is in Florida. And after 15 years in freakin' Alaska, I think I could use some sun in the fun. Don't you?
More later! - MEL
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I just finished applying for a job with the U.S. Geological survey agency. I'm pretty sure I'm mangling the name, but it's the agency that deals with rocks.
Anywho, the whole damn application process probably took about forty-five minutes and most of that was spent answering the standard Yes/No/Not Applicable questions.
I don't really expect anything to come from this application. I don't have any experience working with vendors and have never ordered office supplies in my life, but it was in Reston, VA so I thought I'd take a shot. What the hell right? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Now, I'm off to work on the book.
Or something.
More later. - MEL


Oct. 22nd, 2011 11:23 am
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One of the most frustrating things about applying for jobs with the government is that they make you jump through more hoops than a circus poodle.
I applied for a job with the Naval Research Center earlier this week. I started at USAJobs, then got transferred to some automated applications manager that the Navy uses. I filled out the necessary bits and pieces, submitted my resume and sent my application off with the touch of a button.
This morning, I get an e-mail advising that my application has been received but that they require additional information and so I should reapply for the position if I'm interested. Okay. Fine.
I go back to USAJobs, to my saved applications, but there's no link to the Navy applications manager. I try the Navy website, but there's no link there either.
I finally get to the applications manager, but when I try to sign in, I'm told that my account does not exist. What the hell?
I've been beating my head against the wall with this damn thing for about two hours now and, ladies and gentlemen, I've had it. I'm not jumping through any more hoops today, especially for a job that I'm not sure I actually want.
So, screw you U.S. Navy and your damned applications website as well!


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