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So, last week I was waking up light-headed and a bit dizzy. I mentioned it to a friend who said it sounded like low-blood pressure. There's even a name for it, postural hypotension. Well, I decided to get my blood pressure checked so I went to the clinic down the road.
I don't like going to the doctor. Honestly, I don't trust most doctors to wipe their own asses. Most seem more interested in selling pills to treat symptoms than determining the underlying cause of the disorder. If I could find a homeopathic doctor in the area who didn't cost a fortune, I'd go to them in a heart beat.
Anyway, I went to the clinic and had my blood pressure checked and was surprised to discover that it was high. Now, high blood pressure runs in my family, but mostly in the women. It's atypical in the men. The clinic checked their records and determined the last time I was there, back in '15, my blood pressure was high as well. Not as high as it was then, but above the average.
So, I went home, considering my options. Since July 4th, I'd been off keto. I'd been eating a lot of crap and I'd noticed changes in my body. I could tell I'd gained weight, I was more gassy, my sleep wasn't as good and in the morning, when I woke up and got out of bed, I'd be light-headed.
So, I went back on keto. Hardcore. I kept to under 20g of fat per day. I felt better. Not back 100% but better than before. When I woke up in the morning, the light-headedness was gone. After a few days, my belt was loose again and I was sleeping like a babe. But I still didn't feel like my old self. Also, continuing hardcore keto just didn't feel right any more.
So, today, I decided to adjust my way of eating. I'm not keto any more. I'm doing a low-carb/low-fat diet. I'm not setting a daily limit on either, since I figure finding stuff to eat that fits my requirements will probably limit my choices anyway.
I just got back from the grocery store where I spent an hour and a half wandering the aisles, looking at nutrition labels. I came home with an interesting bag of grocery: a loaf of whole wheat bread, a jar of sugar-free grape jam, a container of pimento cheese, a pack of turkey hotdogs, a can of hot dog chilli, a bunch of grapes, a banana and a bottle of flavored sparkling water.
I should note the bread is atypical for me, as I'm not a big sandwich eater, but I wanted to try that sugar-free jam. Also, I figured I'd make turkey dogs and then have some pimento cheese sandwiches.
Some of my food choices on keto are no longer available to me. I used to eat kielbasa/sausage daily, but it's too fatty now. It looks like I'll be limiting myself to turkey, chicken, fish and some pork. However, I can still eat pork skins, surprisingly enough, and now I've got a broader selection of veggies available to me. I still can't do beans, aside from green beans, but now I can have yellow corn if I want. Potatoes, though, are still off the menu; too many carbs.
Also, I have the weirdest desire to try artichoke hearts and cottage cheese. Not together. Seperately. I've never had them before.
Anyway, I just wanted to document my choice here. I'll probably natter on a bit more about food and this new WOE I'm trying in future updates. Hope I don't bore anyone too much.
More later! - MEL

Food stuff

Jun. 29th, 2017 04:03 pm
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Hmm. I'm having to adjust my diet. Again. My acid reflux has been triggering a lot lately and I'm not sure why. It could be the dairy, although I've never had a sensitivity to it before? But your body does weird things as you get older. *sigh*
So, not doing a strictly keto diet. Still low-carb, but not under 20g a day. At the moment, this is what my macros look like: Protein 125g, Fat 65g, Carbs 33g.
I think I may have to cut out the dairy from my diet. If so, the only thing I'll really miss is sour cream. *sigh*
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Today, I got up super-early and decided to paint the half-bath. It's one of those projects you have that you just put off again and again for no good reason. So, I went to the paint store, grabbed some paint and came home to get to work. Naturally, I had to go back to the paint store because I didn't have any rollers.
Anyway, the half-bath is partially painted. It needs a second coat and then I have to paint the accent wall behind the toilet, but it's mostly done.
Stopped at 1:00 to let the paint dry overnight and had a light lunch: spinach, four boiled eggs and a drizzle of ranch dressing.
Then went upstairs intending to write, but somehow I fell asleep and didn't get anything done.
Went downstairs a while ago and had supper: canned mackerel with a side of saurkraut, all of it drizzled with butter. There were watermelon slices for desert.
Then photography, which sort of sucks. I got a new camera and I'm not enjoying it at all.
Pheh. 21st Century problems, right?
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Today, I discovered I can reach the third hole on my 'skinny' belt. It's been about a month since I reached the second hole, so I'm pleasantly surprised at my progress. Also, I'm not getting as hungry as I used to and when I do it doesn't take much to fill me up.
That said, today was the end of the caffeine fast. I got a big diet soda at the dollar store. I can't really say that I regret it.
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Today started off slowly. I woke up, dinked around on the computer for a while, then took a shower and left the house. I got a haircut and the oil in my car changed, then I went and saw The Mummy.
That's where my day started to go a bit lopsided.
I stopped by the concession stand, intending to get a bottle of water or something, but wound up buying a small Cherry Coke. As in movie-small, which means it was a small tub of soda. *sigh* So much for keeping it under 40 carbs. :/
Then, the movie started thirty minutes late because of technical issues. Eventually, it did start and we did get to see it in its entirety. It wasn't a bad movie, but it was deeply flawed. Not scary at all or, really, very exciting. I'd give it 2/5; wait for it come out on Netflix or On-Demand.
After that, I went by my grocery store to get supper and discovered they are switching up a lot of their brands. A lot of the brands I like to buy have disappeared from the shelves, replaced by more expensive and less Keto-friendly products. I'm a bit miffed about that and am thinking I may have to start shopping at another store. Maybe even (God help me) Wal-Mart.
So, home now, where I have eaten some sausage links with a little green salad. I smothered that salad in ranch dressing and added fried porkskin as faux crutons, then added a couple of hard-boiled eggs. It was a good supper, but I can tell that the caffeine and carbs from this afternoon are having an effect.
I'm craving carbs and sugar. I want to go out and buy a big bag of red seedless grapes and just devour them all. I want to get a two-liter Cherry Coke and suck that baby dry. I want a frosted honey bun.
I don't have any of that, though. What I've got are some peanuts and a cup of chicken flavored bullion broth. That'll just have to do.
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It's my second day without caffeine. I'm feeling tired and sleepy, but that's about it. No headaches or shaky hands just yet. I'm assuming that will come either tomorrow or the next day. I'm not looking forward to that.
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I went by the computer shop this afternoon and picked up the hard drive from my laptop. I asked the tech guy if he knew what caused the drive failure. He said it was most likely either heat buildup or maybe the computer got jarred. I think it was probably the first; I can remember the keyboard getting really warm when I'd be on the computer and the fan would be venting constantly. It's almost enough to make me wish I'd gotten an extended warranty. Almost.
Other than that? Not a lot to report. I sent an email to my condo's property manager, asking if they'd gotten my check for last month's dues? It wasn't deposited when I last checked, which is odd. I don't care much for my condo association, but they're pretty damned quick to take the money. If they hadn't gotten it, I wouldn't have been shocked. Half the time stuff I mail from my house never makes it to its destination. I can't prove it, but I suspect my mailman is dumping people's mail.
That's pretty much it for today. I did come home and clean house and tonight I might watch the livestream of Critical Roll. The guy who played Napoleon Dynamite is supposed to be joining them for the game.
And that's it for me.
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Out of morbid curiosity I took my old laptop to the shop yesterday to see if they could tell me what went wrong. They just called me and confirmed my suspiciouns: hard drive failure. I'm not sure what caused the drive failure, something physical or maybe some malicious malware, but it would cost about $300 to repair. So, that's not happening. Still, it's good to know . . . something? I'm going to ask some questions when I go pick up the shell for recycling.
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I feel today has been a productive day for yours truly. I got up early, paid some bills which crept up on me, went to the movies, did some shopping and am now at home doing laundry.
Supper tonight will be sausage sautéed in butter with green beans, sweet peppers, diced tomatoes and a little bit of lime. It will be seasoned to taste with chili powder and pepper. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.
Also, there will be writing.
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So, today's been a real buttfucker.
It was going okay until my laptop decided to spazz out and die on me. I'm not sure what happened. It started with uncontrollable screen scrolling and went downhill from there. Eventually, I shut it off and it just hung up. After twenty minutes, I unplugged it and pulled the battery. I waited a while then tried starting it up again and it just spun its wheels for a while, then powered down.
And then I accidentally knocked it off the counter. When I picked it up, I could hear bits rattling around inside and knew it was a lost cause.
So, I went out and got a new one.
Ugh. Here's hoping this one lasts longer than the last one.
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My acid reflux has irritated the back of my throat, so that it feels weird when I swallow. But I'm swallowing all the time, which makes me hyper aware of it. *sigh* Can anyone out there say 'catch-22'?
I haven't had to deal with this stuff in a while, and it seems that there are now two schools of thought regarding acid reflux. The traditional school of thought is that it occurs when there's too much acid in the stomach. The new school of thought is that it's caused by a lack of stomach acid.
Which is it?
This is just one of the reasons that I think doctors are just a bunch of quacks, looking to get rich off the sick and the stupid.
In the meantime, I'm sitting here on the couch, debating whether I should take some antacids or eat something spicy???


Apr. 23rd, 2017 06:59 pm
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99% of the time, I'm fine with my roommate/renter, Jeff.
But today, he's hogging the fucking washer & dryer and it's really getting on my tits.
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So, the Old Shop made me an offer this past week.
I took it without even giving the New Store a chance to make a counter offer.
Sorry, New Store. I like your owner and the people who work there, but the vibe just isn't me. That said, I feel bad about bailing so soon. It costs about $200 to put someone on payroll and even though I thought I'd be returning to the Old Shop I didn't expect it to happen so soon. So, I offered to work the last week there gratis, as compensation to the owner.
Yeah. I know. Y'all probably think I'm stupid, but I prefer to think of myself as honorable.
Does that sound pretentious?
Anywho, when I go back to the Old Shop it'll be part-time to start off with. Three days a week: Friday, Saturday and Sunday at $10 an hour. Later, when we start carrying new comics again, I might shift my days or maybe get them extended.
I'm really looking forward to being back at the Old Shop. The other day, while I was watching the place while the new owner went to Celebrations, an old customer actually gave me a big hug. He said it was great to see me in the store again and he hoped I'd be there the next time he came.
I can't think of any place else I've worked that something like that's happened.
It made me feel quite warm and fuzzy for a few seconds.
Anyway, my last day at the New Store is Free Comic Book Day. Then, I start back at the Old Store the next weekend.
I am so looking forward to it!
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Yeah, so the other day I heard about LJ's new TOS and officially nuked the site. Shitty thing is that you had to agree to the TOS before you could log in and delete the account.
FUckin' Russians.
In other news, I had to talk with the owner of the New Store about the potential job offer from the Old Shop. I was getting a stress rash and other symptoms. It just felt like the right thing to do.
That said, I had to give the Old Shop owner an ultimatum. Make me a job offer by the end of the month or I'm out.
Honestly, I don't REALLY want to work at the New Store. The people are nice, but the vibe just doesn't feel right. Also, I hate standing on my feet for seven fucking hours at a time. I'm too old for that shit.
But if the Old Shop doesn't make me an offer, I'll grin and bear it. New Store has offered to make me a manager if I'm willing. Which would be cool.That store needs some fucking help.
Actually, I told the owner that if he was consistently in the red with comics, then he should get out of 'em and turn the store into a vape shop or something.
Eh. I don't know.
Why does life have to be so fucking hard sometimes???
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I find myself in a moral quandry.
The last couple of weeks I've been working at the New Shop.
It's been okay. Not great. Just okay.
But this past weekend, I stopped in at the Old Shop and the new owner pretty much said he'd like to hire me back in May/June, full time at $10 an hour.
I would probably say yes if asked to come back to the Old Shop.
It's comfortable, like an old shoe, and I think the new owner is doing some great things with it.
Hence, my moral quandry.
I don't want to be a dick and string my current boss along for a couple of months, then suddenly spring it on him that, "Hey! I'm going back to my old shop! How much notice do you need?"
I don't want to be a dick.
I kind of want to give him a heads up that this thing is out there. But I don't want to shoot myself in the foot if the job offer doesn't come through, although I think it will.
So, what to do?
Any advice would be appreciated.
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Today at the store I filled out my W-4. So, I guess I'm officially on-track now to be an official employee. I'm going to be paying taxes and everything.
Thing is, I'm not sure I want to stay there. Or that I am. And I feel like a tease for suggesting that I'm going to stay there and then bolt if the Old Shop asks me to come back. Which may or may not happen.
I don't know.
Plus, I'm spending most of my time standing around watching Mike do shit and he's not bothering to explain stuff and there's just a lot of crap going on that I really think I could do without.
Don't get me wrong.
The people I work with are nice.
It's just, I'm the oldest person in the store and some days I really feel like it.
Today has been one of those days. :/
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So, normally I post stuff on my FB page about work and stuff, but I don't feel comfy doing that since the owner/manager of the New Store is on my FB flist. So I guess I'll be using DW to vent.
I've been training at the New Store for three days. The people training me are nice, but the training is fucking haphazard. I just found out today that I can use the trainee login on the POS to ring people up. So I signed in and was ringing people up and I got a guy with a credit card. I'm trying to find the cc ap and the guy's getting antzy so I pass it off to Mike, who would rather talk on the cellphone than help the guy in front of him. Oy vey.
And then the guy who was working this morning, on Tuesday, the day we prep for New Comic Wednesday, promises some guy that we'll playtest about a dozen retrogames and have an estimate waiting for him that evening.
It happened, but Leroy should never have promised the guy same day service. That's not the way it works.
There's other shit, like I'm not getting copied in on the schedule, even though I'm in the super-secret FB group. So I have no idea when the fuck I'm working next week.
My Old Shop keeps saying they'll hire me back in a couple of months.
I'm hoping they aren't just fucking around with me.
At this point? I'd be willing to go back to work over there for minimum wage.
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So, I'm sort of employed.
The other week the owner of the comic shop down the road PMs me on Facebook. He wanted to get together for drinks or something.
So I said, "Sure!" and we met at Red Robins.
We talked for a little while and he asked if I'd still be interested in working for the shop. I said, "Sure." So, I've been doing a paid internship there the last week and this week too.
Owner's already told me I'm going to get hired. When I'm put on payroll, I'll be working full time. Which, unfortunately, means I won't be able to help out at my old shop as much.
I've been filling in on weekends there, when the new owner is out of town at conventions and stuff.
I'm still locked in for a week in April, but after that? I can't make any promises.
The New Shop is very different from my Old Shop. They have a POS system, which, IMHO, stands for 'Piece of Shit.' Not a fan.
They bag and board EVERYTHING in the store. Part of this is because their sister store is a smoke shop. But I think they need to leave a browser copy out among the week's new releases. People aren't going to branch out and try new stuff if they can't sample it.
There's a lot of retrograme stuff in the store. Ugh. I hate video games and know dick about them.
Their collectibles are kind of 'meh.'
They sell boardgames and t-shirts and movies.
There are less than 100 graphic novels in the entire store.
The store is small.
On the upside, the people are nice. I've seen a lot of familiar faces at the store from my Old Shop. The boss is pretty cool. People who shop there seem to genuinely like the place.
It's just different.
And different is scary.
But I'm pretty sure I can make a go of it. :)
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Go to a job search site.
Search jobs.
Find one you're interested in.
Click the 'Apply' button.
You get taken to a company website.
You are guided through an account creation process.
You are told that if you upload a resume or give the site access to LinkedIn, etc. it will populate the application and make things easy-peasy.
Upload your resume.
Click submit.
Realize that the stupid website has NOT used your resume data to populate the application, or it has and it's put the data in the wrong places.
Fill out application with correct data.
Click 'submit.'
Be invited to submit voluntary data re age, sex, ethnicity, disability status and veteran status.
Choose 'decline.'
New popup window appears asking for your name and SSN to confirm your declination.
Get pissed off that this site is asking for your SSN and close the browser.
Wonder if your application was still submitted?
Wonder if you really fucking care at all?
Consider getting drunk at 1:30 in the morning.
Decide to vent on Dreamwidth.
Realize you really want a glass of water.

Job status

Feb. 18th, 2017 04:24 pm
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Well, it's been an interesting week here, gentle readers.
Last Sunday I was hired at Motel 6 for a front desk position working the night shift. The hours were good and the money didn't seem bad.
Until I got there and realized just how much gatekeeping a person was expected to do. For the cash they were paying it was entirely too much.
So I said goodbye to Motel 6, which I'm not too upset about. A friend of mine put it best: "You're just too old to deal with bullshit jobs that you don't want."
He nailed it in one.
Anyway, since I walked away from a paying gig, I won't be getting any more unemployment which is a relief because, really? I only want to work about four days a week anyway.
The guy who bought my old job is hiring me to cover the shop while he goes out of town on weekends, to shows and such. So this coming weekend I'll get two days pay and then another day's pay the week after that and then a few more weekends in March and possibly a week in April.
So, it's not like I'm going to starve.
And one of the guys who opened a new shop on the other side of town has made overtures to me, that he might be interested in hiring me during the week. Alternately, if I was interested in buying into the shop, I could do that too.
So, stuff is happening. Forward motion is maintained.
What more can you ask for? Right?


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