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In this episode, instead of returning the group to Earth, the Vessel opens a doorway to the ruins of an alien city. Emerging from the Vessel, Owen and Carol asks why they haven’t returned to Earth. Spanner checks the Vessel’s readouts and determines that its ‘empathic sensors’ detected a surge of negative emotional energy from this location, compelling the Vessel to reroute the doorway to this world. Owen asks if the city is safe and Spanner, after studying his readouts, states that there appears to be no lifeforms in the vicinity.

Carol wonders. If there are no lifeforms, how could the Vessel’s empathic sensors have detected any emotional energy at all? Spanner admits he is not certain, but that they cannot leave until he discovers why the Vessel brought them here. Despite Carol and Owen’s misgivings, the four leave the Vessel to explore the alien city. They encounter a group of friendly humanoids who identify themselves as the Followers of Avos. Inviting the four friends back to their settlement, Tuesday lags behind and is captured by a menacing robed figure. Her disappearance does not go unnoticed for long and the Followers lament that Tuesday must have been captured by the Veils.

Spanner and Owen immediately set off to rescue Tuesday, leaving Carol with the Followers.

The Veils capture Owen and Spanner, accusing them of being spies and allies of the Followers. Spanner denies this, but the Veils do not believe him. The Veil Leader orders the three friends locked in a cell, where they will be properly interrogated after the final assault on the Followers’ camp. Alone in the cell, Spanner uses his psychic key to summon the Vessel. The door appears in the cell and the three friends escape into the Vessel which relocates to the Followers’ encampment.

They emerge just as the Veils begin their final attack. Carol, in the meantime, has discovered that the Followers and the Veils are both artificially engineered creatures, created by a dead scientist called Avos. Originally one group, Avos’s creations separated into the Veils and the Followers over ideological differences.

Spanner evacuates the Followers into the Vessel, just as their camp is raised to the ground in a devastating attack. Safe aboard the Vessel, Spanner surmises that it was the Veils’ malevolence that the ship detected, commenting that the Veils, "Must be very bad indeed." He evacuates the Followers of Avos to a distant, uninhabited world where he’s sure they’ll be happy and safe.

Afterwards, Carol admits her surprise that the Followers were so ‘human.’

Tuesday suggests that perhaps Carol needs to expand her definition as to what ‘human’ means.

Principal Cast:
Spanner (Richard Attenborough)
Tuesday (Sophie Turner)
Carol Bright (Michelle Pfeiffer)
Owen Dhabi (Bhasker Patel)
Veil Leader (Tim Curry)
Follower Spokesman (Alan Rickman)

"The Children of Avos" is the first episode where we learn about the Vessel’s empathic nature.

This episode is also the first time Spanner unveils his psychic key, which allows him to summon the Vessel to his current location.

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"The Door to Adventure"

The first episode starts at the Kirby Park Community Center in New York. Carol Bright, a volunteer at the center, is speaking with Owen Dhabi, the center’s director, about a teenage girl called Tuesday who shows up at the center at all hours of the day. Miss Bright is concerned about the girl’s home situation and convinces Mr. Dhabi that they should follow her the next time she leaves the center. Reluctantly, Mr. Dhabi agrees.

Bright and Dhabi follow Tuesday to a condemned tenement. She enters the building through a bright blue door. Convinced that Tuesday must be a homeless runaway, Miss Bright and Mister Dhabi follow her into the building.

However, when they step through the blue door they do not find themselves in a condemned tenement, but a peculiar chamber filled with equipment like something out of a Jules Verne novel. Tuesday confronts Bright and Dhabi and their exchange attracts the attention of an elderly gentleman that Tuesday identifies as Mister Spanner. Mister Spanner claims to be Tuesday’s guardian and expresses his appreciation and admiration of Carol and Owen for wanting to ensure Tuesday’s safety.

Still concerned about Tuesday’s well-being, Carol and Owen ask Mr. Spanner who he is and what he does. He dances around the issue for a while until Miss Bright threatens to contact Social Services.

Somewhat reluctantly, Mister Spanner explains that, although he is Tuesday’s guardian, he is also an extraterrestrial. The room they are in his part of his spacecraft, which he refers to as ‘the Vessel.’

Owen and Carol express their skepticism re Spanner’s claims, prompting him to give them a demonstration of the Vessel’s capabilities. He transports them to a distant planet, locked in a deep Ice Age. Stunned, Carol and Owen have no choice but to accept the truth that Spanner is an extraterrestrial.

While they pepper him with questions, Tuesday leaves the Vessel and is captured by one of the planet’s natives, a yeti-like being. Spanner senses Tuesday’s fear and apprehension and leads the others out of the Vessel in pursuit. The three of them are quickly captured by the rest of the yeti’s tribe.

Reunited with Tuesday, held prisoner in a cavern, the foursome plan their escape from the yetis. Owen creates a fire, something the primitive yetis have never seen. The yetis are awed and terrified by the flame, giving Spanner and the others the opportunity to escape to the Vessel.

Safely aboard the Vessel, Carol states that she still has concerns for Tuesday’s well-being, even more so than before in light of recent events. Tuesday protests, revealing that she isn’t actually human so Carol’s concerns for her are unwarranted and unwanted. Owen admits that he is uncertain regarding the proper course of action. Spanner suggests that they all take some time to recover from their adventure and then discuss the matter like civilized beings.

While the four are talking, the Vessel’s doorway vanishes from the ice planet. However, instead of reappearing on Earth, it fades into view on the wall of a building, somewhere in an alien city.


Jan. 1st, 2013 11:46 pm
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"Gee, Mel, what did you do this New Year's day?"
"I came up with a fake television show."
"Huh? Why?"
"Why not?"

Spanner is a web-based science fiction program that first aired on September 21, 2010.  The show depicts the adventures of a benevolent alien called Mr. Spanner, and the people he befriends, as they travel the universe battling evil, helping people and even saving entire civilizations.
With two seasons completed and ten episodes currently available, Spanner has achieved cult status.  Most of it can be attributed to the high-profile members of the cast (Richard Attenborough, Michelle Pfeiffer and Dominic Monoghan to name just three) and the fact that it has been touted by such individuals as Neil Gaiman, Steven Moffat and Danny Pudi.
A third series is currently in production.


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