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I went by the store today and chatted with J. about some stuff going on this weekend. While I was there, he told me he had put some of the books I'd priced on eBay. He mentioned that two of them, a first edition copy of 'The Martian' and a 10th-anniversary 1st edition of 'The Alchemist,' were priced too high. I remember being shocked by 'The Martian' as, at midrange, it was going for $500 on AbeBooks and ViaLibri. I don't think I meant to put that as the final price. But the $150 I put on 'The Alchemist' was cheaper than it was going for on Amazon.
J was going by eBay sold price, which might be good for toys and shit, but books are a whole 'nother kettle of fish.
Basically, he wants me to price stuff using eBay.
I can't really argue with him.
It's his store.
Still, if I use eBay something is going to go for cheaper than it should.
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So, the Old Shop made me an offer this past week.
I took it without even giving the New Store a chance to make a counter offer.
Sorry, New Store. I like your owner and the people who work there, but the vibe just isn't me. That said, I feel bad about bailing so soon. It costs about $200 to put someone on payroll and even though I thought I'd be returning to the Old Shop I didn't expect it to happen so soon. So, I offered to work the last week there gratis, as compensation to the owner.
Yeah. I know. Y'all probably think I'm stupid, but I prefer to think of myself as honorable.
Does that sound pretentious?
Anywho, when I go back to the Old Shop it'll be part-time to start off with. Three days a week: Friday, Saturday and Sunday at $10 an hour. Later, when we start carrying new comics again, I might shift my days or maybe get them extended.
I'm really looking forward to being back at the Old Shop. The other day, while I was watching the place while the new owner went to Celebrations, an old customer actually gave me a big hug. He said it was great to see me in the store again and he hoped I'd be there the next time he came.
I can't think of any place else I've worked that something like that's happened.
It made me feel quite warm and fuzzy for a few seconds.
Anyway, my last day at the New Store is Free Comic Book Day. Then, I start back at the Old Store the next weekend.
I am so looking forward to it!
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Yeah, so the other day I heard about LJ's new TOS and officially nuked the site. Shitty thing is that you had to agree to the TOS before you could log in and delete the account.
FUckin' Russians.
In other news, I had to talk with the owner of the New Store about the potential job offer from the Old Shop. I was getting a stress rash and other symptoms. It just felt like the right thing to do.
That said, I had to give the Old Shop owner an ultimatum. Make me a job offer by the end of the month or I'm out.
Honestly, I don't REALLY want to work at the New Store. The people are nice, but the vibe just doesn't feel right. Also, I hate standing on my feet for seven fucking hours at a time. I'm too old for that shit.
But if the Old Shop doesn't make me an offer, I'll grin and bear it. New Store has offered to make me a manager if I'm willing. Which would be cool.That store needs some fucking help.
Actually, I told the owner that if he was consistently in the red with comics, then he should get out of 'em and turn the store into a vape shop or something.
Eh. I don't know.
Why does life have to be so fucking hard sometimes???
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Today at the store I filled out my W-4. So, I guess I'm officially on-track now to be an official employee. I'm going to be paying taxes and everything.
Thing is, I'm not sure I want to stay there. Or that I am. And I feel like a tease for suggesting that I'm going to stay there and then bolt if the Old Shop asks me to come back. Which may or may not happen.
I don't know.
Plus, I'm spending most of my time standing around watching Mike do shit and he's not bothering to explain stuff and there's just a lot of crap going on that I really think I could do without.
Don't get me wrong.
The people I work with are nice.
It's just, I'm the oldest person in the store and some days I really feel like it.
Today has been one of those days. :/
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So, normally I post stuff on my FB page about work and stuff, but I don't feel comfy doing that since the owner/manager of the New Store is on my FB flist. So I guess I'll be using DW to vent.
I've been training at the New Store for three days. The people training me are nice, but the training is fucking haphazard. I just found out today that I can use the trainee login on the POS to ring people up. So I signed in and was ringing people up and I got a guy with a credit card. I'm trying to find the cc ap and the guy's getting antzy so I pass it off to Mike, who would rather talk on the cellphone than help the guy in front of him. Oy vey.
And then the guy who was working this morning, on Tuesday, the day we prep for New Comic Wednesday, promises some guy that we'll playtest about a dozen retrogames and have an estimate waiting for him that evening.
It happened, but Leroy should never have promised the guy same day service. That's not the way it works.
There's other shit, like I'm not getting copied in on the schedule, even though I'm in the super-secret FB group. So I have no idea when the fuck I'm working next week.
My Old Shop keeps saying they'll hire me back in a couple of months.
I'm hoping they aren't just fucking around with me.
At this point? I'd be willing to go back to work over there for minimum wage.
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So, I'm sort of employed.
The other week the owner of the comic shop down the road PMs me on Facebook. He wanted to get together for drinks or something.
So I said, "Sure!" and we met at Red Robins.
We talked for a little while and he asked if I'd still be interested in working for the shop. I said, "Sure." So, I've been doing a paid internship there the last week and this week too.
Owner's already told me I'm going to get hired. When I'm put on payroll, I'll be working full time. Which, unfortunately, means I won't be able to help out at my old shop as much.
I've been filling in on weekends there, when the new owner is out of town at conventions and stuff.
I'm still locked in for a week in April, but after that? I can't make any promises.
The New Shop is very different from my Old Shop. They have a POS system, which, IMHO, stands for 'Piece of Shit.' Not a fan.
They bag and board EVERYTHING in the store. Part of this is because their sister store is a smoke shop. But I think they need to leave a browser copy out among the week's new releases. People aren't going to branch out and try new stuff if they can't sample it.
There's a lot of retrograme stuff in the store. Ugh. I hate video games and know dick about them.
Their collectibles are kind of 'meh.'
They sell boardgames and t-shirts and movies.
There are less than 100 graphic novels in the entire store.
The store is small.
On the upside, the people are nice. I've seen a lot of familiar faces at the store from my Old Shop. The boss is pretty cool. People who shop there seem to genuinely like the place.
It's just different.
And different is scary.
But I'm pretty sure I can make a go of it. :)

Job status

Feb. 18th, 2017 04:24 pm
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Well, it's been an interesting week here, gentle readers.
Last Sunday I was hired at Motel 6 for a front desk position working the night shift. The hours were good and the money didn't seem bad.
Until I got there and realized just how much gatekeeping a person was expected to do. For the cash they were paying it was entirely too much.
So I said goodbye to Motel 6, which I'm not too upset about. A friend of mine put it best: "You're just too old to deal with bullshit jobs that you don't want."
He nailed it in one.
Anyway, since I walked away from a paying gig, I won't be getting any more unemployment which is a relief because, really? I only want to work about four days a week anyway.
The guy who bought my old job is hiring me to cover the shop while he goes out of town on weekends, to shows and such. So this coming weekend I'll get two days pay and then another day's pay the week after that and then a few more weekends in March and possibly a week in April.
So, it's not like I'm going to starve.
And one of the guys who opened a new shop on the other side of town has made overtures to me, that he might be interested in hiring me during the week. Alternately, if I was interested in buying into the shop, I could do that too.
So, stuff is happening. Forward motion is maintained.
What more can you ask for? Right?
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Well, I didn't get the position with the insurance company. Their human resources rep contacted me just a few minutes ago and notified me of their decision. According to her, they had a huge pool of applicants for the position and the managers decided to go with other candidates.
I suspect that they decided to go with younger candidates, but I can't prove it.
Ah well.
C'est la vie.
Time to start poking around for somewhere else to work.
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So, the job at the Comic/Smoke Shop did not work out.
The owner decided to hire someone with more managerial experience. Eh. No hard feelings.
To be perfectly honest, I didn't really want to work there.
Sure, it would have been great to work in a comic shop, but I wasn't thrilled at the idea of working in a place that sells bongs. You can call them 'glass' or 'art' all you want, but we all know that you're selling bongs. And I . . . am too straight edged to work in such a place, I think.
So, that didn't happen.
I did have an interview at this insurance place last Monday. I think it went well. I was interviewed by two of the managers at their Customer Service Center. We spoke for about 40 minutes. I think I did well and I hope to hear from them this week. If I don't hear something by Tuesday, I might send an e-mail off to my contact in their HR department.
I'm still at the comic shop. Actually, I'm the Last Employee at the comic shop. The manager is working at the local game store, heading up their e-bay room. Coworker Kristen gave her notice to focus on art commissions. I told the owner I'd stay and finish out the store.
It's been . . . interesting. I thought I'd be bored, but I'm too busy to be bored. Also, I'm getting a bit of extra money, so that's nice.
Not much else to report on. I haven't written anything in ages.
Well, nothing printable.
Not even pr0n.
It's been about a year since I published anything, although I blog at least once a week.
Maybe a more structured job will give me impetus to get my shit together and take care of business.
Only time will tell.
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I had an asshole customer come into the store this afternoon.
He was looking for some Silver Age comics so I pointed him toward the Silver/Golden boxes. I also mentioned that more collectible books, like Hulk #181, were kept in the back of the store, in the owner's office.
Bad thing to say.
Guy starts flipping through the books and asking if the owner had this comic or that comic in the back.
I told him, honestly, that I wasn't sure what the owner had in his collectible stock, because he's the only one who has access to it.
Guy gets pissy, throws up his hands and says, "I'm wasting my time here. I got cash to spend in my pocket but if you don't want to sell to me I'll just leave!"
Then he left in a huff.
I hope his comic collection spontaneously bursts into flames.
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Work today was fucking slow. I doubt ten people came through the store, which is weird because Wednesdays are usually good days for us. I guess people are still recovering from Free Comic Book Day. At least the lag gave me some time to restock supplies and make a bit of a dent in the books the owner picked up from the library. Priced one at $50 which was a surprise and came across an Absolute Edition DC: New Frontier that's selling for as much as $140 on Amazon. I like Darwin Cooke but I don't like him that much.
Got new comics today which was kinda cool. Usually, I have to wait until the week after because of my schedule but I said fuck it today and actually made it to my shop before it closed.
Secret Wars was really good. Descender, slightly less so. As for Arcadia? It had some good hype but, honestly? I doubt I'll get the second issue.
More later.
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So, I work in this comic shop and it's pretty cool. I get to geek out with the customers and my coworkers and not have to deal with anything too serious.
Today, all the bosses left so it was just me and the weekend girl, Kristin. We just hung out behind the counter, watching movies and generally being dorky.
It was a good day.
Then, in the last hour, we got saddled with this Yahoo who hadn't been to the store in 10 fucking years and was shocked that things had changed.
"Y'all used to have this...y'all used to have that. . . ."
Yeah, well, it's been 10 FUCKING YEARS you broken-toothed, inbred, cousin-humping piece of human-fucking-garbage.
Shit. Happens.
He just totally soured the whole day.
In other news, I'm home and am enjoying a bowl of chocolate chip cookies.
Yay! Cookies!
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I'm a bit miffed.
I've been renting a room in a private home for over a year. A couple of months ago the landlords announced their plans to move back to their native Chicago. They purchased a house there, put this one on the market and shipped all their worldly goods up north. Then went up for two weeks to hit the job trail. They had no luck so came back down South to work at their jobs until they could find stuff up North.
A few weeks ago the Misses got a job and moved back up to Chicago, taking the kids and the family dog with them. The hubby stayed behind, until he could line up a job of his own. About two weeks ago the hubby got a job.
Now, all this time, the landlords have been telling me slightly different stories of their plans for the house. Basically, it's on the market, they're trying to do a short-sell (which isn't going to happen IMHO) but until then they wanted me to rent out rooms for them. I was fine with that.
Then, yesterday, the landlord announces that the plan has changed. On November 1st, they're going to list the house as a rental through their realtor. The other renter is leaving at the end of October so it'd be just me. The landlord was like, "You can stay until we rent the house out and then we'll give you written 30 days notice."
You bet your ass you will, I wanted to say.
So, I'm miffed. They changed their plans on me with no real warning. And I can't begrudge them for wanting to go the rental route, although it's a 180 from what they had originally told me they were going to do. I mean, I would have rented the house out months ago.
So, anyway, I'm sick of being in limbo with this house situation, so I hit Craigslist last night and found somebody renting a room in my area. We're supposed to get together some time this Friday, I'm just waiting on the guy to call me back with a place and time. If the place is decent and the owner isn't a psycho, I'll probably take it. It'd be great if I could give notice on the 15th, then the landlords could just prorate the rent for half of October and we're done. I'd be in a new place and could get on with my life.
Oh. And the manager at my comic shop gave his notice last week. I'm not sure, but the rumor is that the shop is getting out of new comics and just going to deal in back issues. Ugh. If that happens, I don't think I'll stay. The past holds no allure for me.
Meanwhile, I'm still looking for a house of my own.
And that's my life.
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Holy shit. Has it really been a month since my last post here? Good lord!
Well, let's see what's been going on.
The landlords both got jobs. Misses went to Chicago with the kids a couple of weeks ago and Mister is leaving next week. I am driving him to the airport. I am also going to be renting out rooms in the house as long as I'm here. How long that will be? I don't know.
Work has been good. I'm still enjoying working in the shop, although I need to get better shoes. My feet are killing me. Some people have recommended I get some NewBalance shoes, while others pimp Birkenstocks. Any opinions? Hit me up in comments.
Writing? Eh. It hasn't really been happening. I like to say it's job exhaustion but the fact is I've written a lot of false starts and none of them have gone anywhere. Still, I'm plugging away.
Speaking of the job, I'm going to be giving a talk on comics and literacy at a local library later this month. It's an all ages talk, and I need to check with the librarian handling the matter, but I'm quite looking forward to doing it. That said, if anyone has any ideas re this subject I'm more than open to suggestions.
Househunting continues to be frustrating. I have expanded my search to include condos and townhouses, but, so far, no luck. The market here is really sucky, at least in my price range.
So, there we have it. A month caught up in less than five minutes. Now I"m going to hit the flist and catch up with what everyone else has been up to. - xoxo Mel
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So, this is my second week, working at my local comic shop.
It's been an interesting experience.
I can honestly say that some of the typical geek stereotypes are very true. I have interacted with customers who seem to have no neck muscles and will not lift their head to speak with you at all.  I have spoken with people who were extremely enthusiastic about their hobby. Unfortunately, I have also served a couple of guys who should really pay more attention to personal hygene.
However, most of the customers are pretty cool. There was the  young woman who fangirled hard when she discovered she could buy our Queen Amadalla standup and another one who was buying copies of Thor for friends in Finland.  Then there was the guy, who brought his new girlfriend into the shop, and waxed rhapsodic about Doctor Strangelove, and the folks who bring their kids into the store and turn the weekly comic run into a family event.
The work isn't hard.  I spent today processing boxes of old comics. They were funky as hell, smelling like moldering paper and 99% of them will go into our $1 comic bin.
Probably the worst part of the job is that I'm on my feet a lot.  When your feet are flat as a duck's, that's not great.  The first thing I do when I come home is sit down and kick off my shoes.
Then I fall asleep, sitting up in front of the computer.
As for my writing? Well, I'm still at it, I'm just not able to devote as much time to it as I did.
More later. - MEL
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So, it's been a while. 
How's everybody doing?
How'm I?  I'm doing pretty good.
Had a birthday last month. No big deal.
Still working on the Sequel.
And I'm gainfully employed.
Yes, you read that right.  I'm working about 30 hours a week at my local comic shop. That work-credit job I took developed into a paid position before my first weekend.  One of the shop employees left and they wanted to fill her shift and, voila, I'm suddenly working five days a week.
It sort of sucks that my days off aren't back to back, but it's not bad.
I really like working there.  The people are cool, the customers are pretty decent and the work isn't very demanding. They've started letting me count the till at the beginning and end of the day, which makes me a little nervous. Numbers and I have never really gotten along.
The best thing though is that I can stand behind the counter and get my geek on.  The other day I talked with a guy who had been walking by the shop for two years and decided to come in and see what was going on in the world of comics.  He was a big fan of Namor the Sub-Mariner, so I gave him the highlights of the last few years.  It really made his day. 
Then there was the super-polite young man named Gerald, who also came into the shop for the first time, looking for some Star Wars comics. And the guy who just moved up from Florida looking for a new comic shop, and the young man who spent a ridiculous amount of money to complete his collection of The Amazing Spider-Man.
So, yeah, it's pretty cool.
At the moment, life's good.
How're y'all doing?


Dec. 2nd, 2012 07:58 pm
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This weekend I drove up to the mountains to spend some time with an old friend, Anna. She’s in a band and they’re heading west, stopping off at cities along I-40 as they trek toward Los Angeles.
It was nice to see Anna again. The last time I saw her, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t see her again. I had resigned myself to that, so when I got her e-mail telling me that the band would be in Cherokee for the weekend and would I like to come up? I was caught off guard.
Still, I figured what the heck? Hopped in the car Saturday and drove to the mountains.
I thought the band was playing a gig in Cherokee, but it turned out they were just enjoying a final, lazy weekend before they start heading across the country. We got to hang out, go to dinner, lose some money in the casino.
At one point, there may or may not have been a game of strip poker. I will never say for certain.
I was invited to stay the night, but decided against it.
When I left Cherokee that evening, there was a haunted moon in the sky and an invitation buzzing in my ear.
A year ago I’d driving across the country along I-40. Earlier that evening I’d told the ladies some of my experiences.
They asked if I’d be interested in heading cross-country with them. Basically, I’d be a roadie, helping set up at gigs and taking a turn driving the van.
Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t tempted.
As I drove home that evening, my feet itched. I’ve got a mild case of the wanderlust and the thought of traveling cross-country again is appealing. Lately, I’ve been thinking how much I’d like to return to San Simeon, revisit Solvang and the Painted Desert.
There were sights I missed the first time round that I could catch this time. The Winchester House. The London Bridge in Lake Havisu City. Las Vegas.
However, I knew as soon as I got behind the wheel of my car and drove out of Cherokee, that I wouldn’t be taking the offer. It would have been a lot of fun traveling along I-40 with the band. We got on like a house on fire.
But I want to do what I want to do and, this month, that means returning to work on the Sequel. That story has been lying, patient and still, in the back of my mind a long time and now it’s starting to get restless. It wants attention and I want to give it to it.
So, I declined the offer to live a rock-n-roll lifestyle, to travel cross-country in a van with four very talented and very sexy ladies, setting up amps and living off truck stop food. Instead, I’m going to focus on finishing the Sequel and getting The Other Book out there for the public.
We all have to make choices.
This is mine.
I don’t regret it.
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So, I've finished my second novel, a fantasy with a rather cumbersome title. 
Actually, I finished it a few days ago and have been working on edits and read-throughs.
I am babying the fuck out of this one, people. 
Because it was a holy terror to finish.
Normally, when I write, it just flows.  But this one? This one came in fits and starts, shuddering forward and then lumbering to a stop. There were times when I wanted to delete the file.  There were other times when I wanted to pick up my laptop and hurl it out the window.
Even as I was writing it, the story squirmed and twisted. Nothing new there, that happens with everything that I write, but this time? This time it just felt malicious, like the story didn't want to be finished.
Initially, this story was my rest piece, my alternative to The Sequel.  I often referred to it as The Other Story. Soon, though, it became the Only Story.  I couldn't get The Sequel into gear because this story was devouring my brain.
Writing this thing became less an act of creation and more a contest of endurance, a test of will.  Overall, it was a bloody pain in the ass.
You know I'm having problems when I talk about the details of a story.  I never talk about what I'm writing on except in the vaguest terms.  But the other week, while visiting my Mom, I sat down and expressed my frustration with the story.  She asked what it was about, which led me to sit in her living room and just sit there and tell her the entire fucking story.  I never do that, but this story is the first one I've written that has made me seriously doubt myself.
However, it's done now.  Finished.  I've done two read-throughs and finished my edit. This Monday, I submit it to my new Editrix, and while she's going over it, I shall be considering cover art.
God willing, I'll have the damned thing online at Amazon before the Xmas season.
Wish me luck. - MEL
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Got an e-mail today from the fedjob I applied for last month, informing me that although qualified for the position, I was not 'best qualified' according to the self-assessment questionaire.  (Big shock. Half the assessment questions were about about draft procedures.)  So, my name will not be forward to the agency for consideration at this time, unless said agency requests additional names.
I can't say I'm shocked.
I knew as soon as I looked at the questionaire that the official job description was a bait-and-switch.  It was advertised as generic office work, but over half the questions on the assessment related to money matters that weren't even mentioned in the description. So they totally had someone lined up for the position, but had to go through the motions of posting for official reasons.
Looking at USAJobs again...there's a couple of possibles.  There's one for the Library of Congres that sounds interesting and something in NM.
Screw it.
I'll wait until Monday.
More later! - MEL
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So, I have finished my final edit of The Book of Doom.
It's formatted as well as I can get it this side of looking at the converted text on Kindle, ePub, etc.
I am actually going to be publishing it this June.
Holy. Crap.


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