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The original Miracle on 34th Street. It just fills me with genuine good will every time I watch it.
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I've been on the road for two weeks and haven't managed to write a damn thing.
I am really disappointed in myself.
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I'm starting to think of The Book as The Book of Doom.
Not a great sign, people.
It's not helping that, this week, I've hit the wall. I can't seem to get anything written at all.
I suspect I need to recharge the wordbanks, but nothing appeals.
Hopefully, my weekly pilgrimage to the comic shop in Columbia will help alleviate that.
More later. - MEL
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I would make a sequel, set about a century after the Return of the Jedi, in the manner of a faux documentary. In it, I would show how the government the Rebellion established was no better than the Empire they replaced and how, in many respects, it was worse: the continued production of clone-troopers, the exploitation of primitive cultures, and how the reestablished Jedi acted as a deniable secret police, demonizing and then quashing anyone who dared to question the new government's policies.


Jun. 23rd, 2011 02:40 pm
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At home today, writing.
Or, more accurately, trying to write. I've got a spectacular case of writers' block.
Still, we persevere.
More later. - MEL
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The answer to this is so fucking obvious it's sad. I would have a TARDIS, so that I could go whenever and whereever I wanted.
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The lookyloo who came by on Saturday, came back yesterday. I had a late night and got woken out of a sound sleep at the ungodly hour of 11:30 in the morning. (Please bear in mind that I didn't get to bed until around 6:00 AM.) My realtor called and I spent fifteen minutes racing around the house, making the bed, opening blinds and generally making sure the place was reasonably presentable. Then, I wandered off, around the block, to give the Prospective Buyer a chance to explore my humble abode.
The guy was young, just graduated from university and brought his girlfriend along. I don't know if they were looking for someplace together, but *fingers crossed* everybody!
Not much else to report.
Updated [ profile] earthgamma, which I think is going to become a bit more sporadic.
Finally got past the scene I was stuck on, with the book, and hoping things will whiz by from here on out.
Let's not all hold our breath at the same time.
More later. - MEL
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So, I have a part-time job interview lined up tomorrow. I got the call for the interview like twenty minutes after I e-mailed my resume to the poster. It's not much of a part-time job, just ten hours a week, from 4 to 6, but it'll get me out of the house. It's reception, so it involves greeting people and answering phones. Not exactly brain tasking activities, but who needs that?

I shall have to get my hair cut tomorrow, and remember to shave. And I'm not wearing a tie, although I dithered on that for a little while. I'll go corporate casual. That should be good enough for the interview.

I've hit a blank on the story and am seriously thinking I need to start doing a rewrite. Le sigh.

Ironically, things are ticking along over on [ profile] earthgamma. The war in Luxembourg continues, but things are getting hairy back in the States as California erupts into violence.

And, finally, I'm meeting my realtor downtown this Wednesday to maintain the Condo of Doom on the real estate listing. Joy.

More later. - MEL
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So, I'm stuck on this scene in the book. I can't seem to get through it. I've tried going around it, working on the next bit, but that hasn't worked either.
Writing is hard.
Oh. And I had another showing today. An unexpected one. At least this time I was wearing clothes.
More later. - MEL


Feb. 28th, 2011 08:36 pm
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After wrestling with bloody aliens all day, I need a break. So, here's an idea that's been rolling around in my head for a little while, an international super-team called G8.

Members: Adept, Demon-Breaker, Firebird, Mindhunter, Pest, Pug, Slim Jim and Vulcan.

Associates: Wallace Menier, Hub

Base of Operations: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Background: The G8 team was originally concieved as a publicity stunt by G8 Summit organizers. Each G8 nation was encouraged to bring along a superhero for an informal 'super summit' which would include several photo ops. Surprisingly, each nation acquiesced to the request and each delegate was accompanied by a superhero of his or her choice. It would be fair to say that the heroes chosen were not exactly A-list celebrities at the time. Most had had informal contact with the delegates or were connected in some capacity to the delegate's government. The publicity angle of the event was evident to everyone from the beginning, and most 'respected' superheroes chose to stay far away from the event. This actually turned out to be a bad idea, as the summit was attacked by a group of metahumans calling themselves the Young Anarchists. In the ensuing riot, the various heroes leaped to the defense of the public and the delegates. The Young Anarchists were caught and their leader eventually exposed as an agent of Jormungand. Afterwards, the eight heroes remained in contact, forming casual alliances and friendships, uniting when possible to confront threats too large for individual members to handle. Eventually the group garnered sufficient international publicity and good will to become a formal superteam. The group has garnered a certain cachet with the international business community as well as the United Nations. They have a prominent presence on the Internet and a huge fan following.

Adept. Canadian. A garden variety genius and the wealthiest member of G8. Uses his personal fortune to hire gadgeteers who equip him with all sorts of fun toys. Logical and calculating. Resistant to psychic and magic attacks, but not a front line fighter. Not the leader either. His personality is too snarky. He rubs people the wrong way. Attended the 'super summit' to network with international business leaders and politicians, more than his fellow heroes.

Demon-Breaker. Japanese. Last known survivor of a clan of demon fighters. Limited spellcasting ability, prefers to rely on his teleportation and superstrength to confront the demons he can sense. Reserved until he gets a few drinks in him, then he gets maudlin. Ironically, given his nature, he tends to take extra damage from magic attacks. Attended the summit at the invitation of the Japanese delegate, as a thank-you for saving his neice from a demon.

Firebird. Russian. Too pretty for his own good. Pursued by everyone his entire life because of his looks and charisma. Most people regret that pursuit, as Firebird is something of a jinx. His luck gets better while theirs gets worse. Tends to avoid people he likes. Attended the 'super summit' as the 'special guest' of the Russian delegate.

Mindhunter. German. He's on his third century now, and for the last thirty years has worked for the German government, bringing psi criminals to justice. Incredibly resistant to psionic and psychic powers. Strong willed. Secretive about his past. Was encouraged to attend the 'super summit' by his colleagues, who all think he needs a freakin' vacation just to dial down the intensity. Leader of the group in the field.

Pest. French. Mutant. Able to shrink down to about 14 inches, at which size he gets super-strong and super-tough. Can only change sizes though a few times a day or he takes damage. Prefers to remain shrunk. Tabloid fodder in the European papers. Things got a bit too icky for him in Paris, so he begged a favor from an old friend and wound up attending the summit. Turned out to be a pretty good move.

Pug. British. Pugnacious. Pugilist. Son of a recovering Punk. If G8 were a boy band, he'd be the bad boy with the heart of gold. No superpowers, per se, just a world class unarmed combatant. Incredibly stubborn. Never admits defeat even when he should. Got invited to attend the 'super summit' after winning The S Factor. Loves being famous, doing good, but doesn't take shit from anyone.

Slim Jim. American. Tall. Skinny. Midwestern. Villains assume he's a speedster or an elastomorph because of the name, but he's a brick. Incredibly tough. Impossibly strong. Easy-going guy. Secretly amused that most people assume he's the Canadian in the group and Adept is the American. Knew the American delegate to the summit and went along as a favor. Hasn't regretted it yet.

Vulcan. Italian. Hot in every sense of the word. Psionic with pyrotic and pyrokinetic abilities. Can also fly. Media savy, has a huge following on the Internet. Lives life at 100 mph with no regrets. Charmed his way into attending the summit. Those photos he has of one of the Prime Minister's private parties didn't hurt either.

Wallace Menier. Canadian. Chief Admin of the G8 superteam. Hired 3 months ago. Runs things in Toronto. Coordinates press, publicity and legal. Used to work for a nonprofit group. Hated it. Having a ball now, even if wouldn't admit it.

Hub. American. G8 transport specialist. Can open teleportals between locations separated by hundreds of miles. One of the unfortunate minions of Rex Mundi, mindcontrolled for years before being freed. Turned down offers with higher profile teams and organizations to work with G8. Tattooed. Pierced. Sleeps with the lights on. Likes ginger snaps.
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My financial status. I would be fuckin' rich!
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