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So, I've been writing D&D 5e characters for a little while and I just wrote my 100th page of material.
I don't know how it happened.
This whole thing started as a one-off, a riff off of Critical Role's Vox Machina. Somehow, it took on a life of its own.
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It feels like all I ever do here any more is bitch and moan.
I'm thinking I should change the name of this blog from Melworks to Melbitches.
Tonight, I am in a mood.
For the last few months I've been meeting on Sunday nights with a group of folks to game. We play D&D or Guillatine or Settlers of Catan. But over the last few weeks, the game has become erratic. Last week, our regular DM sceded to a new guy named Eric. Eric seems nice, even though I don't really know him, and he was going to run a 5th Edition D&D campaign. He told everyone to roll up characters for this week.
I went home and enthusiastically rolled up a character for the campaign, a Dragonborn Bard named Karesh. I sketched out his backstory and everything and then, this afternoon, I got a call from our normal DM, Paul, saying that they were going to a pizza joint and after that they were probably going to go home. He also said Eric had decided to DM the day game.
I blew off the pizza place and just went home, seriously fucking pissed.
The group I game with plays 2 games on Sunday, a day game and a night game. I know that it can be tiring to play 2 different games, but I'm of the opinion that if you're going to fucking commit to 2 games, then you fucking play 2 games. Or you say, "Hey, guys, this is all a bit much for me, so how about we just play the day game and do something else at night."
But no.
That's far too logical and straightforward for this group.
I'm sick of it.
I'm sick of the inconcistency. We have gamed in over a month. I joined the group to game. I'm not getting what I want from this group and I'm tired of the DMs changing shit up every other week.
And I'm tired of building new characters just to have to trash them because the group is too worn out from their freaking day game to play at nights.
Fuck it.
I think it's time I cut my losses and started either playing online or join the D&D group that meets on Wednesday nights.
I'm just fucking tired of being treated like an afterthought. I put some effort into my character builds and what's the point?
I'm just pissed.
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Oh! Last night was Game Night!
Our Dragon Age adventure continued, although we were down a player. The DM picked up our Lady Fighter's character sheet and ran her for the session. Honestly? When the player comes back next week, I'm sure her reaction to recent events in-game is going to be "What the fuck?" Because, yeah, well, things got interesting.
We picked up where we left off last week. After defeating a bunch of darkspawn we rested at a campsight. Some of us enjoyed a lovely dinner of roasted vole, while our Patroness went to bath, escorted by our Lady Dwarf.
Eventually, we resumed our travels. The sun set, night descended and with it came an attack by Blight Owls. Having learned from our last encounter, I didn't bother with Rock Armor, just took shelter beneath a tree and Arcane Lanced anything that came at me.
The attack took its toll. Our damage prone combatant, Xavier, took some damage from an owl, as did our Patroness. I cast Heal on her and flubbed the role, getting her only 2 points of HT back. She managed to fix herself up a bit more by casting Lifedrain on one of the Blight Owls, something which made my character regard her with a bit of suspicioun.
Eventually, we overcame the Blight Owls and continued on our way.
Ahead of us, we saw a campfire. Given recent events, we decided to play it cautious. Most of the group would remain with the Patroness, while the Lady Dwarf and I went ahead to scout out the situation.
Yes. The Mage went ahead to scout instead of the fighter or one of our rogues.
We got to the campsight and it was a scene of carnage. Bodies littered the ground, human and spawn. There were even a couple of Blight Wolves smoldering in the fire.
Deciding to return to our camp, rather than signal for trouble, the Lady Dwarf and I returned to an unusual scene. The Lady Fighter was gone and our Patroness was deep in a whispered conversation with the two rogues.
Alarm bells went off with the Lady Dwarf and I. We retreated to discuss the situation.
I confessed that I did not trust our Patroness, and the Lady Dwarf agreed that something seemed wrong. We were both bothered by the absence of the Lady Fighter and our Patroness's behavior with the Rogues.
So, we hit upon a plan. Returning near the campfire, the Lady Dwarf would sound the trouble call, while I hid myself in the forest off the path. If there was treachery afoot, as we suspected, we would be ready for it.
The rest of the party arrived, including the Lady Fighter. Our Patroness did not seem as concerned for the missing children as I thought she should have been. My hackles raised, I began to cast Rock Armor.
Meanwhile, the Lady Dwarf explained that I had vanished. Rather than search for me, the rest of the party decided to press on. They went on their way and, as they did, the Lady Dwarf fell behind and slid into the shadows of the forest.
No one noticed immediately and when they did, our former Patroness did not seem particularly concerned by our absence. Neither did the two rogues.
While they pressed on, I remained in the woods, still casting Rock Armor. In the distance, my character could hear screams and the sounds of battle. Still casting, I could do nothing but wait until the spell was finished.
When it was, I hiked up my mage's robes and ran like hell toward the fight.
Clearing the treeline, I saw a scene of chaos before me. An armored figure stood on a hillock, among rocks, armed with a crossbow, picking off darkspawn. Our Lady Fighter had rushed forward to attack the spawn from the rear. The rogues had similarly joined the fight, while the Lady Dwarf had apparently ambushed our Former Patroness. She had her on the ground with a spear at her throat.
I rushed forward, asking the Lady Dwarf what had happened? Who should I attack? At that moment, one of the rogues turned and took aim at the Lady Dwarf, shouting that we were traitors.
Things went downhill from there. The Lady Dwarf and I had broken from the party; the rogues had apparently forged an alliance with the Patroness, to either kill or ransome the children we were there to escort, and the Lady Fighter didn't know what the hell was going on.
The knight in charge of the children was obviously in cahoots with our Former Patroness, while other members of his party had no knowledge of what was going down.
As the session ended, accusations of treason, necromancy, blood magic and betrayal were shouted and the former members of the party prepared to battle each other!
Good times!
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You know you're doing good in a tabletop RPG when you completely disrupt the GM's plans for an encounter. :)
Tonight, I played DragonAge with five other folks. I haven't gamed in ages, and I'd forgotten just how much fun it could be.
None of us had played DA before, but the game mechanics were super easy. Our group consisted of four humans and a dwarf. I played the group's mage, Aldus Longacre.
I haven't gamed in years and was super-rusty, but still had a good time.
Our first combat encounter was more harrowing than we expected. Knowing how quickly mages can get killed, especially with distance weapons, instead of attacking with my arcane lance, I decided to cast rock armor on myself. That tied me up for about three turns before I said screw it, stopped casting rock armor and switched to arcane lance. I'm pleased to say that when I got into the game, it turned the tide of battle.
The bit after the battle was even better. We had to cross a gorge and one of our characters, Salazar, had the brilliant idea of using the intestines of our fallen foes as a zipline to cross to the other side. We were all kind of dubious about the plan but Salazar got across fine, turned, gave us all the finger and proceeded to piss off the edge of the gorge.
With his success, our other fighter, Davina, decided to also try the zipline. She got halfway across before the intestines snapped. She managed to grab hold of the line and swing to the other side of the gorge, much to the amusement of us all.
Meanwhile, our dwarf rogue and her human counterpart, decided to climb down the gorge. Halfway down the human, Xavier, lost his grip. He fell but managed a save and grabbed hold of Suska's waist; she proceeded to undo her belt, losing her pants and Xavier's dead weight. They both survived but got into a hysterical pissing contest which actually involved piss at one point.
At the rate we were playing, we'll probably finish this intro adventure in about three more weeks.
I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next week and just how long I can keep Aldus alive.


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