May. 1st, 2017

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Happy Beltane! Totally forgot about it until I got home and saw some posts on FB. Ah well, better late than never.
I did not do much today. I went by this bookstore I'm thinking of applying at and picked up an application. While I was there, I grabbed a book of Robert Frost poems and a historical murder mystery set in Ancient Rome. Looking forward to reading them both.
Then, it was off to my Mom's place for the rest of the afternoon. It's been a while since I've been out there, so there was lots of gossip (on her part) to catch me up on. For a 70 year old woman, she hasn't slowed down much. To be honest, she goes out more often than I do!
It rained a bit and when it let up I headed home. Had to backtrack when I encountered an accident, then took the long way home, stopping off at Wendy's for a Baconator combo.
Home now, where I shared some music videos I like on FB, and decided to update here as well.
This is my last week at the New Store. After this Saturday, I'm back to working at the Old Shop, and I'm really looking forward to it.
Also, three days on and four days off? Who wouldn't like that kind of schedule?


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